How to Start a Mastermind Group

by Justyna

In this post I shared with you the amazing benefits of a mastermind group. Today you will find out how to start your own one!

Key steps

Selecting participants for a Mastermind Group is a key step, because one flat tire can cause the entire car to veer off course :) . A group can be formed with a minimum of two people, but ideally you want about five members. When looking for members you should look for people who:

  • share similar goals (starting a business in general or selling a particular product, for example)
  • are at a similar level of success
  • are similarly motivated
  • can commit to regular meetings

Normally the meetings are run by the group, with all decisions being made by a group conscious, so if someone does not take the meetings and subsequent actions seriously, the group should ask the person to leave. It only takes one slacker to alter the energy level of the group and ruin it for everyone.

The group should meet at least once a month—though once a week is better suited to keep the momentum up—for about an hour (depending on how many people are in the group). Members take turns leading the meeting, and each participant gets ten minutes to share what goals they’re working on, steps they’ve taken, challenges they’re facing, and successes they’ve had. They receive feedback and formulate new actions to take by the next meeting.

An Example to follow

As you can see, starting your own mastermind group is easy and can be done fast when you have the right people in your mind :) .

However, you can get some more ideas and find out how such group works if you join Silver Circle business mastermind group led by James Schramko. Here is what one of the participants tells about it:

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